Hi friends

Welcome to my website.

My name is Dirk van der Heever and I am the founder of KeyOnlineSystems.com.

I am from sunny South Africa and I am a full-time internet entrepreneur

I used to be the owner of a successful construction company.

Being the boss of a brick and mortar business may sound like a “dream job” but believe me it is not.
Don't get me wrong being the boss had its advantages but after I sat down and followed my wife’s way of making decisions (a pros and cons list) I found that my cons list far outweighed my pros list which turned out to be a huge eye-opener for me. I realized that in a brick and mortar business the overheads and staff complications diminished the joy of being the boss and that the stress affected my health and family. The late hours and the many hours you, as the owner, puts in is just not worth it.

I knew I needed to make a change but I had no idea which direction I wanted to go or what kind of possibilities were out there

My wife and I always wanted to travel, but as most of you know being parents, personal needs end up on the wayside.

I took a step back and tried to envision the kind of life I want for my wife and I now and came to the sudden realization that my brick and mortar business was the anchor that would prevent us from traveling as much as we would like and that we needed to find a new source of income that is mobile

Obviously, I headed to the internet (like most of us do when we need information) to investigate what kind of opportunities we might find that would suit our needs

I started seriously researching “make money online”

It never occurred to me that there was a way you can be your own boss of a very successful company with a global market place without having the complications of overheads and staff

Like most people, I believed that most online opportunities could be very dubious and a waste of time and money. I spent countless hours searching for the right opportunity that would make our dream come true

To my surprise and delight, I found ways to make a decent amount of money that I wish I had discovered sooner

Which leads us to the reason for your visit to my website

If you choose to follow everything I tell you on my website I will save you time and reduce the learning curve I had to go through (because of my inexperience) to get where I am today

Allow me to show you that it is very possible to make decent money and travel at the same time

Scrolling through these pages you will find products and courses that will enable you to create a real online business

My wife and I are currently preparing to live the "Laptop Lifestyle"

To laugh more play more and see more will truly be our dream come true - life is about experiences! 

That is after all why we are on this Earth

“You have to work like other people won’t, to live like other people can’t”